“I want to make a change”


When Entertainment Today caught up with an upcoming Dancehall artiste, Eric Addae known by his stage name as Selah Berma he indicated his intention to bring a change in the Ghanaian music industry.

And whilst doing that the promising young musician assured his fans of good music which would blow their minds.

Who is selah Berma?

Selah Berma aka Adi Baritoner is a fast rising Ghanaian Dancehall ,Soca Reggae, Afro-beats, Hip-Pop artiste.

How do you see Dancehall in Ghana?

Dancehall in Ghana is here to stay, it’s a worldwide genre which is really making good impact in the Ghanaian music industry now  as it’s the trend everybody is banging and getting familiar with. Dancehall is really helping and pushing the local artistes to the international level which i’m proud of being part of the success.

How many years have you been in the music industry?

Well I started  music when I was a teenager but at the  age of 10,  I was drawing and painting as well. I discovered my talent as a musician during my  Junior High School (JHS) day and  started with hip-pop which shows how versatile and creative I’m.

Who is your mentor and why?

Well I have couple of mentors I look up to. Some are dead others are still  alive doing great in music. For instance, the late Reggae legend , Robert Nesta  Bob Marley, Buju Banton, Super Cat, Sean Paul, Beenie Man, Bounty Killer, Mavado, VybzKartel Capleton are among the people I  adore. And the truth of the matter is,  I love listening to their music.

How many songs do you have in your credit so far?

I have  about 80 songs to my credit, I have some songs which I don’t put online for free  downloads .I  have a mix -tape album of about 12 songs coming  which will hit the air waves very soon . The songs are combination of  Jamaican  rhythms and locally produced beats.

What is Dancehall music?

Dancehall music is different from Reggae. Dancehall simply means dancing and it is played mostly at night  clubs. Dancehall is more of DJ-ing concept, with artistes using certain rhythms like “Diwali” rhythm. Dancehall can be often derogatory, but is generally just a lot of fun. Dancehall is also a genre of Jamaicans popular music which developed in the 1970’s. Dancehall historically comes from Jamaica and it is a  reflection of social injustice, repatriation and Rastafari beliefs.

Does dancehall music have a future?

Dancehall is here to stay forever and ever which I enjoy doing.

Name your favourite Dancehall artistes  in Ghana

I really don’t have a favourite Dancehall artiste in Ghana now but I do like all those doing that type of music in the industry.

Have you collaborated with any musician before?

I collaborated with some South Africans in  couple of my songs from  my official album and also done collaboration  with some American hip -pop artistes .

What’s new for selah Berma?

It is about  my “Sugar Daddy” music video and I want to entreat all my  fans to watch out on my social media handles thus,  Facebook:selahbermadancehallbeta and Twitter&Instagram: Selahberma_adib. In fact “it is da bomb”.

Your final word to your fans

A new generation is coming to take over and that is the StarBornGeneration. So they should keep supporting the movement and keep spreading the message. Selah Berma will always give them the best music and videos as well as good performance when on stage. Be Entertained To Attain Real Happiness Musically And Naturally. I love you all.

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