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Nkulee Dube Trying To Resurrect The Spirit Of Her Late Father (LUCKY DUBE)


In trying to resurrect the spirit of her late father, Nkulee Dube the daughter of South Africa Reggae legend Lucky Dube is brewing the recipe that will make her tie the laces of her late father.

Lucky Dube, who won numerous musical awards, is one of Africa’s greatest reggae exponents and artists who played a big part in spreading positive vibes and consciousness through his own brand of African and international reggae and world music.

Lucky Dube who helped South Africa to break free from the famous apartheid rule, placed African reggae firmly on the world front burner.

By mistake Lucky Dube  was shot dead after orchestrating reggae music in Africa for years.


And now his daughter Nkulee, who has already dropped songs, wants to have the same influence as his late father who knows she may just fit in the big boots of her father.

Nkulee has managed to fuse ethno-soul, jazz, and ethno-raga together as a vocalist, performer, and songwriter like no other artist.

Nkulee has already tested how deep the reggae waters are; this was after she featured as a guest artist and backing vocalist of her late father’s band ‘One People.’

Nkulee Dube has performed at numerous major festivals worldwide and the past two years she has toured the globe solo with her own band, thrilled fans wherever she performs and will be on the road again in the summer of 2013 in support of her first album, My Way. Her new album is currently being recorded in Johannesburg.

Realizing that her previous projects have never had much influence as her father she has now turned Godfather of African Reggae (Victor Essiet) to render an ingredient and charm needed for reggae music success.

For better musical prescription, Essiet and The Mandators, the Nigerian award winning platinum selling international Reggae and World Music band, is scheduled to collaborate in the studio with Nkulee on a new single ‘Africa Awake.’

This will be the first time Essiet and Nkulee Dube will be working together and it is expected to spark unity amongst Reggae artists in Africa.

The two artistes have come together to confront issues facing Africa head-on through music. The single is to be produced by super-producer, Carl McGregor (also the producer of Jill Scott, Prince, Christina Millian, Aretha Franklin, Jada Grace Gordy (granddaughter of the Motown founder Barry Gordy), and George Clinton, among others.

Essiet (known as the “Godfather of African Reggae”) and The Mandators have made a big impact with great critical acclaim in the world of Reggae music and the motherland of Africa.

Their brand new breakthrough single “Freedom Train” which is now available on iTunes and leading digital outlets worldwide such as Amazon shot to the top of reggae world chats soon after its release.

The single “Freedom Train” is currently on New York’s Top 30 Reggae Chart. Produced by Carl McGregor, the single also features the talents of up-and-coming hip-hop artist StyLis. More singles are on the way and the full album will be released soon.

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