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Youths in Ashaiman are angry with Vybrant Fayya

vybrant-faya-bowahs-sycophantAfter Vybrant Fayya the “Mampi hit maker” (shatta movement family) artist released his “diss song” to stonebwoy and the whole of bhim nation. The youths of ashaiman, especially the ghetto youth who are the real fans and lovers of real dancehall are very much angry with Vybrant Fayya and Rudebwoy Sterling, because some said Rudebwoy Sterling is the person putting words in the mouth of Vybrant Fayya. The “diss song” as i have heard have been banned in Ashaiman and also some people said they loved Mampi by Vybrant fayya but he has lost them as a fan after dissing their king and all the native, unless he apologize to Stonebwoy.

The new name for Ashaiman is BHIM Nation they said, as i talked to some of the people in ashaiman about the “diss song” some told me straight that they will “beat” Vybrant Fayya and Rudebwoy Sterling if they see them any where, funny but they sounded serious.

Some asked me if Vybrant Fayya is even from Ashaiman, for those who knew he comes from Ashaiman still said he never did big up Ashaiman in his hit song “Mampi”.

Stonebwoy has made Ashaiman very proud and he is the one that have put Ashaiman on the world map so why envy him or “pree” his success. So far there has been no responds from stonebwoy or his crew yet.

But eye judah has released a song he calls Titanic, a warning to anyone that tries to step on bhim nation and i tell you it is a big hit already and the youth of ashaiman love it, they call it “the Vybrant Fayya diss”.


Source : Dancehall Ghana


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