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Zimbabwe: Winky D Drops Sizzling Single




Ninja president Wallace Chirumiko, popularly known as Winky D, has dropped a sizzling single titled “Pazvikona” in which he blasts the elderly for failing to discipline the youths. The song offers the singer’s view on social vices that are rampant among the urban youths, specifically drug abuse.Commenting on the track, Winky D’s manager Jonathan Banda said this is a wake-up call to the senior people to be exemplary to the youths.

“Winky D provides empirical insights into how appalling the situation has become in the context of abuse done by the youths and older brothers everyday.

“It is now difficult to encourage the youths to stop taking drugs when they are now doing it with senior people.

“We have lost our culture and something must be done to curb this virus spreading in our society

“Thus he tries to come up with a panacea for addressing destructive youth behaviours.”

The chorus goes: “Mirai kusimbisana pazikona, ndinopa mhosva kunemi madzikoma vana vazhinji varikurasika imi muchiona.

“Angokutengera pint atove mukoma nyamba izera remwana wawakazvara . . . vakuru dziripi tsika dzedu . . . ”

The song was released under Vigilance Music last week and the riddim was produced by Bhobho.

Early this year, the ” Musarova Bigman” hit-maker also made headlines when he fused dancehall music with sungura on his hit song titled “Sungura Like”.

The track also teaches importance of African culture and creating culturally acceptable content rather than imitating international music without due consideration of our morals and ethics as Zimbabweans or Africans.

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