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Ghana : Kwaw Kese shares more prison stories

88889055.295Kwaw Kese was on The Late Nite Celebrity Show sharing some crazy stories from his time behind bars.

The Ma Kwan rapper revealed:

“In the morning, they open the gates at 6am and the seniors come out first for like five to ten minutes before everyone else steps out. But I had an advantage with my name Kwaw Kese and so they gave me a warm welcome, they gave me a bed to sleep on which is not easy to get. In the morning, I go with them. When they open the gates, it’s almost similar to how chickens or livestock behave when you open their coop or pen in the morning. People are being treated like animals.

“Some people haven’t had a bath for months and imagine that person’s body touching yours in the morning. But we thank God they come out looking healthy. My people use to worry my skin was going to look bad. I was sick in there but I still took care of myself. I use to bath twice a day. And we are always back in at 5pm.

“Being in there is a lifestyle. Some of the inmates were telling me it was their dream to meet me and they couldn’t believe this was how they were going to meet me. So some people were very happy and they worshipped and served me.

“There was a lot of people in there who knew a lot of my songs and any time they met me, they will sing a line or two just to let me know they were in tune with the music I was doing. On December 19 we did a music and dance show for all inmates and I was the judge. After the show, I was supposed to bless the show and one guy had information that I was going to perform Who Be You featuring Professor Jay – And the part where I sing “If you want to be like me, you should take blue blue” The boy went to paint his tongue blue. So he came to show it to me and I realized how crazy people could be. And they were giving me all the support like people do on the outside at concerts.

“The funny thing is also that when the prison officers approached to bless the show, they thought I was going to say they should talk to my manager but I made them know I will be happy to do it and we did it and it was fun.”

The rapper ended saying the whole experience in one way or the other will influence his future works.

“I have seen stuff more people haven’t seen or heard and so what I have experienced from there will influence my future works.”

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